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America s Expectations Regarding Public Education

Over the centuries, education has changed based on the demands of the citizens during a specific time. As Americans become more informed (educated), their opinions, ideas, and thinking change. America’s expectations concerning public education have evolved as well. The demands that are placed on states, districts, and leadership are becoming more intense; yet, our culture still believes that public education is faltering. Educating, empowering, and engaging students to be successful in a global, dynamic world is an overarching theme in the 21st century. However, our curricular standards are not keeping pace with the expansion of technology. School improvement is a topic of collegial conversations across the board and yet†¦show more content†¦So because of the lack of state and district support, leadership at the school level does not have the ability or the right setting to lead school improvement efficiently and effectively. This results in leadership trying to take an attitude of enforcing a top down approach with the policies and procedures placed in their hands and then defining them with a lack of focus. On the other hand, there is leadership with no clear direction or support from above, but expected to achieve the same unrealistic results. State departments of education must be able to build capacity within their state by providing districts the essentials for developing a clear vision of what their schools’ futures entail, and the necessary components of professional development for leadership and teachers to create their own goals at the local level. Once this is accomplished, states need to hold the districts and local levels accountable, including themselves. The states need to look at themselves on how they will be able to fix the dilemma of education within their districts. With pressure from the federal level, education leaders at the state level try to overhaul their schools with the approach of looking at individual failing schools instead of the issues across their districts. As long as a state remains focused on the wrong issues, schools will fail and those that are deemed as making yearly progress will only continue toShow MoreRelatedEssay On The Gettysburg Address1582 Words   |  7 Pagesillegal throughout the United States. African Americans faced more struggles after the adoption of the 13th Amendment, such as: discrimination, segregation, poor wages, denial of democratic rights, and poor education. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when change began for the treatment of African Americas. The change began with an American Baptist minister, activist, and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, better known as Martin Luthe r King Jr. On August 28,1963, nearly one hundred years after Lincoln’sRead MoreRacial Discrimination During The Second World War1443 Words   |  6 PagesThe decades during the second World War presented multiple forms of racial discrimination, affecting the functions and moods of domestic communities, including outside influences, social prejudice, and economic discrimination in both America and Europe. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the young narrator named Scout witnesses racial tensions in the glacial-paced town of Maycomb shake up the community, and create grand-scale cracks in the ground contrasting opinions and revealing hypocrisies hidden underneathRead MoreIs Religion Become An Outdated Policy?1614 Words   |  7 Pagesdivide that can be traced back to the rise of the evangelical â€Å"born again† christians and their rise to political relevancy and the combat that thus ensued between religious morality and social expectations. The relevant modern history of this issue shou ld be directed at the rise of evangelicals in America from 1960 to the present. While religion is an important element in society I think it has overstepped it’s bounds in the political arena and has thus driven once sensible civil servants to be beyondRead MoreThe Issue Of Teen Pregnancy1722 Words   |  7 Pagesissues that women face in the United States is teen pregnancy which is still an enormous problem that needs to be addressed. The rates are still higher than they were only a decade ago. Becoming a parent permanently and profoundly alters a teenager s life. Most of the girls forget about their dreams of happy marriage, and become mothers at very early age. College is almost always out of the question, graduating High School becomes a goal most teenage moms don t achieve. Young girls having babiesRead MoreThe Immigration Of The United States Essay1641 Words   |  7 PagesImmigration In America The people living in the United States of America are confronted with a debatable issue each and everyday. Illegal immigration into America and the immigration laws that follow make for an emotional topic. Often times people in the U.S argue whether the laws against illegal and legal immigration in America are the proper laws for the issues at hand. Many people think that illegal immigration should be stopped while others believe that the outbreak of newcomers can help America growRead MoreThe Inequality And Segregation Of The Public Educational System Essay1431 Words   |  6 PagesEducation is an important resource that is used in the contemporary world to succeed, as it diminishes the obstacles that are faced in life. It has enabled community members to prosper both socially and economically. However, in America, a nation that is the world’s superpower, fails to provide proper and equal education to its children. Many public schools across America lack the proper funding, qualified teachers, and necessities. The people affected by these problems belong in low-income communitiesRead MoreDifferences And Differences Between Formal Education And Learning1073 Words   |  5 PagesSOMEWHAT FIXED PARAGRAPHS Formal education and learning are two different things. They both have their similarities and non-similarities. Based on personal experience, learning is when the instructor interacts with the students, making them understand and develop skills from in and outside of the classroom. For example, rather than having the teacher only show how to solve a math problem on the board with hopes that you will understand it perfectly from then on. The teacher would also interact withRead MoreThe Presidential Election Of 20161479 Words   |  6 PagesSince 1789, citizens have consistently participated in presidential elections to determine who can skillfully lead, effectively protect, and adequately represent the United States of America. As the upcoming election of 2016 gradually makes an appearance, the people have to question who can sufficiently accomplish these objectives. The candidates’ Ideas, views, and opinions flood every political form of media to give the voters a fair oppor tunity in selecting the best choice according to their personalRead MoreThe Sociological Imagination, C. Wright Mills1268 Words   |  6 Pagesto understand that troubles experience privately are connected to the public issues existed within the structure of the society. Personal troubles and public issues are Moreover, sociological imagination helps men to know what is going on in the world around them, and how themselves play a part at the intersections of history and biography.Often, an individual will fail to see how his biography correlates to the bigger public of society. When someone finally acknowledges the relationship betweenRead MoreImplementation Of The Institute Of Medicine1016 Words   |  5 Pagesthe IOM report on the â€Å"Future of Nursing† in relation to nursing practice, workforce development and the nursing education. The standard of practice coupled with professional accountability in addition to professional development forms the foundation for the nursing profession as it continues to evolve with the ever-changing needs of those they serve, be it the patient, the public, health care team members, or the nursing profession. Standards of practice are the â€Å"what† and describe a competent

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The Importance of Determination Essay - 687 Words

The Importance of Determination Everyday people face challenges, but it is important that one does not give up, and to keep trying until they successfully overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. â€Å"Mother to Son† by Langston Hughes and â€Å"Still I Rise† by Maya Angelou are two different works written by two different authors yet they both convey the same message. Together, the two authors stress the significance of pushing harder when faced with conflicts rather than simply giving up. Using figurative language and repetition, Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou effectively emphasize this message in both of their poems. In both poems, both authors attempt to convince the reader of the importance of not giving up and trying harder, and†¦show more content†¦Angelou writes, â€Å"You may trod me in the very dirt / But still, like dust, I’ll rise.† (Angelou, 3-4). Angelou compares triumph after a challenge in life being similar to that of dust rising after dirt has been tro tted on, thus proving that just as important as it was for the dust to rise after the dirt, it is equally as important to rise after being faced with a challenge in life. Identically to the previous quotation, Angelou again expresses the importance of determination by writing, â€Å"Just like moons and like suns / With the certainty of tides / Just like hopes springing high / Still I’ll rise.† (9-12). Angelou effectively compares the sure rising of moons and suns rising with the certainty of tides, and the guaranteed rise of hopes to her own certainty to rise. Her persistence to continue to rise after being put through many evident hardships demonstrates the importance of pushing harder when encountering difficulties rather than quitting when things get hard. All things considered, both poets are able to successfully interpret the importance of pushing harder when faced with conflicts rather than simply giving up by using figurative language such as metaphors and simil es. Equally as significant as the use of figurative language in both Langston Hughes’ poem, and Maya Angelou’s poem, is the useShow MoreRelatedThe United Nations Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples855 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to the Cornell University Law School’s ‘Legal Information Institute’, self-determination ‘denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order’. As a major concept of international law, self-determination gives people the right to control their own fates under certain fundamental criteria, and can be claimed by a minority that bases its lifestyle on an ethnic identity that is distinguishable from regular society, with a strong desire for cultural preservationRead MoreThe Theory Of Self Determination851 Words   |  4 Pagesearly humanistic psychologists were able to develop the theory of self-determination, which has provided us with great insight on what driv es/motivates us as individuals. Using the theory of self-determination we are able to see how this form of motivation provide the skills a person needs such as competence, relatedness, and autonomy to thrive, especially in regards to students with disabilities. Keywords: self-determination, competence, relatedness, autonomy, and student with disabilities InRead MoreEssay on Conflict in Indochina1156 Words   |  5 PagesConflict in Indochina – Draft Essay Assess the importance of nationalism to the Vietnamese up to 1965. A clear desire for nationalism and self-nationalism in Vietnam was evident as early as the 15th century, when historian Nguyen Trai stated â€Å"although we have been at times strong, and at times weak, we have always been Vietnamese and this will never change.† The importance and significance of nationalism and establishing a sense of self-determination was of vital concernment to the Vietnamese, inRead MoreReview Of Lederach Named As An Essential Guide For Research And Practice Essay973 Words   |  4 PagesEssential Guide for Research and Practice† I have learned three important things; self-determination Creativity and Structure and Flexibility. Through the paper, I shall show how these important readings shall apply in my personal and professional life. a. Self-determination The first thing that I have learned from the reading is the value of self-determination. According to Umbreit and Peterson, (50) self-determination is a relevant to the important social work value. Further on, the author arguesRead MoreCharacteristics Of A Social Worker1663 Words   |  7 Pagescommunication with ID individuals, certain considerations are important to keep in mind: respecting the individual’s self-determination, displaying empathy, and having a willingness to use alternative forms of communication. Respecting ID Individuals Right to Self-Determination When communicating with individuals who have an ID, it is important to respect their self-determination. Self-determined people can be described as, â€Å"[A]ctors in their own lives, rather than being acted upon† (Whemeyer AberyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Night By Elie Wiesel1385 Words   |  6 PagesDetermination Decimates Damnation Determination is an important foundation in human lives. Each time an individual or society faces great adversity, one tends to develop an aspect of their identity that showcases a strong link to the significance of determination in people’s lives. Determination is a trait that each individual possesses. However, the degree of this characteristic varies for each individual and depends on the person’s capabilities and willingness to attain a goal. In the Night,Read MoreF Time : Family Life Cycle Transition Essay1357 Words   |  6 Pageshave found fulfilment in taking care of a child with disabilities as it gives them a purpose in life and something to look forward to. Discuss the importance of and steps to develop self-determination? Why is Self-Determination critical in terms of development for students with disabilities? The importance of Self-Determination: Self-Determination helps students with or without disabilities learn how to define and achieve goals that are important to them. Teachers can provide resources and supportsRead MoreMy Personal Values: Professional Ethics Are the Foundation of Social Work1798 Words   |  7 Pageswellness of others. The core values adopted by all social workers, as distinguished by NASW, are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. As a Clinical Social Worker, I will honor the NASW Code of Ethics in addition to my personal values of respect, self determination, responsibility, motivation, and wisdom. My personal values complement the NASW Code of Ethics and will resonate in my work as a social worker. My firstRead MoreTeaching And Promoting Self Determination1406 Words   |  6 Pagesfederal mandate, teaching and promoting self-determination and the core components of self-determination have become an evidenced based, and best practices for educators in middle and high school, and helping students with disabilities meet their post secondary goals and experience a more successful transition from high school to post secondary domains. This review discusses the research that addresses how the impact of instruction in self-determination given to students with disabilities can aidRead Moreof mice and men908 Words   |  4 Pagesfriendship, and determination, enabling one to strive onward in life with a sense of importance. Three major examples show this idea. The first example is Candy’s loss of his dog and his joining George and Lennie s dream of owning land. A second example is Crook’s memory of his father’s chicken ranch. A third significant example is George and Lennie s dream of having their own place. These three examples display the theme that having high aspirations breed hope, friendship, and determination, enabling

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Divorce Impact on Children Free Essays

Divorce can be an emotional and stressful event in any person’s life. For a child the thought of not having both parents around can be overwhelming. In this essay we will look at the impact of divorce on three subgroups of children, preschool, school aged and adolescent children. We will write a custom essay sample on Divorce Impact on Children or any similar topic only for you Order Now Each group displays emotions and how they handle the change in the family dynamics in very specific ways based on their ability level. Parent can provide positive experiences for these children involved in a family separation in many different ways to assist in a healthy transition with the least amount of stress and conflict. Both parents can lend a hand in putting the children in these situations first by working together even in not so perfect conditions. Working together to ensure the best outcome for the children involved takes time, effort and determination. Divorce Impact on Children Divorce rates are currently at an all time high. Divorce impacts pre-school children, school-aged and adolescent children with very personal and sometimes, permanent consequences. All children react to the emotional stressors of family divorce and separation. Although divorce impacts everyone involved, children are impacted in different ways based on their level of maturity as well as their understanding of emotions and their use of coping skills. Divorce and the Pre-school Child Young child are vulnerable to the effects of divorce and separation, especially children young than 5 years old. The reasoning behind the vulnerability at this age is a combination of the interruption of the attachment relationships they have formed and the child’s limited cognitive ability to understand what divorce is. Preschool children have many reactions toward divorce to include feeling responsible, holding in anger, or may become aggressive and angry toward the parent he/she lives with (Amato, 1994). Some behaviors are normal during the beginning of the separation or divorce but should not last more than six months. Behaviors lasting longer may indicate a more serious problem or even developmental setbacks. When a preschooler feels insecure about the relationships with his/her parent they run the risk of some serious regression in development. Children in this age group will benefit from overnight contact with each parent (Stahl, 2007). During this chunk of time with each parent provides them with the time needed to establish a routine at each house and to get settled in. It is important for parents to understand that the child should not be witness to any direct conflict. Stahl (2007) indicates that it is important to devise a parenting plan that will maximize the strengths of each parent. Developing a parenting plan will assist with issues to be resolved such as child custody and visitations. Mediation is available to assist with co-parenting issues. Divorce and the school aged child When children reach school age their cognitive abilities increase and they begin to understand what divorce is. They increase social relationships other than those established with his/her parents. Socialization and being identified as a part of a group are important to the school aged child. As they skills such as academics they also learn how to begin expressing their feelings. Children in this age group may feel overwhelmed by the family conflict. Amato (1994) indicates that possible reactions include: feeling deceived and a sense of loss, rejected by the parent that left, has trouble sleeping, or worries about the future. Complications in school may show up as well to include behavior problems and academic concerns. Parent should work hard to provide a parenting plan that will affect the school aged child in a positive way. Reassure them that everything will be alright, just different from what they are use to. Answering questions about the changes that are getting ready to take place can help the child ease into the issue of custody and visitation. Using books to help them talk about feelings work well with children of all ages. Parent should remind the child that he/she is not responsible for the divorce and that both parents still love them. They should also keep an eye out for signs of depression and fear displayed by the child. This will aid parents in spotting a problem early on in order to seek professional help if depression is prolonged or intense. Divorce and the adolescent Adolescents understand divorce but they do not accept the new changes in the family dynamics. They are prone to responding to their parent’s divorce with acute depression, suicidal ideation, and sometimes violent acting out episodes (Eleoff, 2003). Although adolescents have a more complex level of thinking they tend to focus on the moral issues of divorce and will often judge their parents’ decisions and actions. Behrman Quinn (2004) provides some feelings that adolescents may display: feelings of abandonment, feel the obligation to take on more adult responsibilities in the family, they may withdraw from friends and favorite activities or act out such as using bad language and being rebellious. Parent should always maintain lines of communication and reassure the child that both parents love them. They should try to continue to be involved in their lives by honoring special family activities. Whenever possible, parent should keep up with children’s progress at school and other activities such as sporting event. The adolescent should be told who will be attending special occasions, especially if you plan to bring a new romantic interest. By doing this can cut down on unnecessary conflict and behaviors from the adolescent. Adolescents should be allowed room to have a say in the parenting plan when possible, and reasonable. Many children will have a preference as to which house they would like to live at and have visitations to the other house on weekends with the other parent. This can help discourage rebellion by the adolescent when they feel that the parents are listening to them. Conclusion Divorce is tuff on everyone involved. Parents must reassure children involved that they are not the reason for the divorce and the mommy and daddy still loves them. Divorce can have a major impact on the well being and development of children and adolescents. Younger children display an array of symptoms and feelings from holding anger inside to feeling rejected by the parent who left. Adolescents can hold feelings of anger and fell obligated to take on more adult responsibilities. Although all these feeling are important for parents to address it is also important to recognize major concerns and not be afraid to seek professional help from a therapist or other mental health professional. In all the issues of divorce, just remember that parents do not have to do it alone; counselors and mediators are available to help make sense of it all. How to cite Divorce Impact on Children, Essay examples

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William Penn/ the Quakers free essay sample

The Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends, was considered to be a new and radical religious group that had been founded in England in the offs by George Fox which found its way to Pennsylvania. This religious group protested the Anglican Churchs practices. The members of the Religious Society of Friends came to be known as Quakers during a trial in seventeenth-century in England, they trembled at the word of God (Breathiest 45). This description of the Society of Friends is given by one Quaker leader George Fox George Fox believed that God didnt eve in churches as much as he lived in peoples hearts (Breathiest 33).With that idea in mind, he went out into the world in search of his true religion. The Quakers became disheartened with religious hierarchy, corruption, and excessive formalism in doctrine, elaborate rituals in religious ceremonies, and the domination of the church by the state. Fox argued with priests, slept in fields, and spent days and nights trying to find followers. His first followers were mostly young people and women. The Quaker faith is simple and rests on absolute sincerity. Quakers believe that God can be approached and experienced by the individual directly without any intermediary priest or preacher.They believe that God is experienced through the Inward Light. Nash stated that, The Inward Light is what Quakers call that of God in every man (81 This Inward Light practices the conscience as the guide of life. They believe that this Inward Light exists in all men and women. The Quaker belief also is characterized by what is referred to as the plain language. The plain language means refusing to use you, or the plural form in addressing a person. Quakers went back to biblical Christianity and used thee and thou (Barbour 26). They also referred to names of the months and days of the week as First-day for Sunday or Fourth-day for Wednesday, or the Second-month for February (Barbour 7). The Quakers were the first religious group to allow women to speak in public worship. Quakers granted women spiritual equality with men, allowing them to preach, hold separate prayer meetings, and exercise authority over womens matters ( The American Journey 39). They insisted on the spiritual equality of the sexes and the right Of women to participate in church matters on a separate, but equal toting with men.This freedom of equality would later be seen in our history with the Nineteenth Amendment. The Quakers laid the foundation for women such as Susan B. Anthony who was raised as a Quaker played a virtual role in the Women Rights-Suffrage Movement. She along with other strong advocates participates in the Suffrage Movement. She also actively lobbied for the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, giving women the right to vote. Penn made his final decision to become a Quaker in 1667 while he was in Ireland. He worked for religious toleration and political liberty in England.There he was persecuted and imprisoned for an idea which was almost unheard of during that period in history. He was imprisoned six times for speaking out courageously. While in prison, he wrote one pamphlet after another, which gave Quakers a literature and attacked the intolerance (Powell). In 1681, Penn obtained a charter from Charles II as Proprietary off new colony in North American (The American Journey 38). Upon arriving in Delaware Bay in late October 1 682, Penn went about beginning a new colony. Penn believe that state and church were two different matters and should be treated as such.William Penn drafted different laws one was the Holy Experiment in which the colonists were required to live as Neighbors and friends with the Indians as well as with one another (The American Journey 39). This gave way to all who lived in Pennsylvania Civil liberties, religious freedom and complete opportunity to live a life of freedom. Breathiest stated that William Penn in 1701 granted the Charter of Privileges which gave the people a stronger voice in government resulting in giving the colonists a great deal of self-governing power (9). It also guaranteed religious toleration o all who resided there. William Penn became the spiritual leader of the Quakers in their New World which made up the vast majority of his colonys population. Quakers were referred to as pacifists because of their strong dislike for violence. They believe in peaceful relations with all mankind they were the first known hippies of their days. Because of this strong belief, Penn signed treaties with the Indians. He purchased settlement rights from them instead of just taking land. He promised strict regulation of the Indian trade and a ban on the sale of alcohol to the Indians.Long after Penn left his colony n 1 701 the people lived in the tradition of fair treatment and genuine regard of each others religious beliefs and wide spread cultures. The Quakers policy of toleration, liberal government, and peaceful existence attracted many immigrants to the colony. Peens ideals, values and sense of fairness have played an important part fatwa America is today. Our society has been trying to accomplish the ideals of William Penn and the Quakers way of life in many different ways over the centuries. We seem to fall short because of our greed and egos.We have interpreted many of our forefathers ideas and reams for America in ways that are similar to the Quakers way of thinking. We continuously search for equality of all people whether they are men, women, children, whether they are black, white, Mexican, Native American, or Iranians. Our society has learned that women can be a productive part of society. Whether they choose to raise children or choose to become an important part of the work force or both. At one time in the past it was an unthinkable thought of a woman being anything but a mother or another set of hands to help around the home.